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Carl Peterson presents at the M Financial’s Magnet Summit

M Financial’s 2022 Magnet Summit marked the third year since the launch of the Magnet program in 2019. The Magnet program was developed to help motivated insurance professionals, in the first three years of their career, develop their skills through immersive training and mentoring. On June 13-16th, we were able to gather in Portland, Oregon for the first time since the start of the pandemic; graduates, mentors, and early cohorts were able to socialize and celebrate the event while learning from distinguished speakers.

Carl Peterson, Managing Principal at Lindberg & Ripple, was invited to speak at the Summit. Carl serves on the Board of Directors for M Financial Group and has over 25 years of experience in the business. Financial professionals from around the country were able to connect with Carl and learn from his knowledge and experience.

“There is a deep commitment between M, our firms, and our carrier partners: each is deeply invested in fostering the success of these talented professionals.”, Carl enthused. He also spoke of his obstacles, frustrations, and difficulties over his 25 years, and how he dealt with them, hoping to provide helpful insight to these eager professionals beginning their career in life insurance and wealth management. Carl was able to convey his passion and energy for the business, and for M Financial, to this impressive next generation of financial professionals.

We are confident that Carl will continue to be a resource to the industry. It is important to Lindberg & Ripple that we support financial professionals and the industry beyond our own doors. We are honored to support our third Magnet Professional, Dawn Lazarus, who works closely with Carl. We are proud of both Carl and Dawn for all that they do, and M Financial Group’s continued support for the next generation of financial service professionals.

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