Why Your Business Needs A Strong Employee Retirement Plan To Grow

Why Your Business Needs A Strong Employee Retirement Plan To Grow 


In today’s competitive business environment, attracting and retaining top talent is paramount. Offering a comprehensive employee benefits package, including a robust retirement plan, is no longer a perk but a necessity for businesses aiming to thrive. At Lindberg & Ripple, we focus on providing bespoke retirement plan solutions that meet the unique needs of each employer, helping them not only to secure their employees’ future but also to enhance their own business success.

The Importance of Retirement Plans for Employers

Retirement plans are a cornerstone of an employer’s overall benefits offering. They serve not only as a tool for retirement savings but also significantly impact employee retention and satisfaction. Businesses that offer retirement plans typically report higher retention rates compared to those that do not. These plans are also viewed favorably by employees, with multiple surveys indicating that retirement benefits are among the top factors considered when choosing an employer.

Lindberg & Ripple’s Services and Expertise

Our services are designed to minimize fiduciary burdens and maximize confidence in the program’s investment options and design. These include:

  • Regular and ongoing review of the program’s investment options and alternatives.
  • Co-fiduciary role, sharing the responsibility and reducing the risk for the employer.
  • Plan design analysis and modeling tailored to fit the employer’s budget and funding objectives.
  • Customized participant education to ensure that employees understand and utilize the plan effectively.
  • Financial wellness programs that prepare employees for a financially secure retirement.

Industry Comparison and Competitive Analysis

Lindberg & Ripple stands out in the retirement plan market through our commitment to personalized service and our comprehensive service offerings. Unlike many others, our firm takes on a co-fiduciary role, actively engaging in the management and oversight of the plans to ensure they meet the evolving needs of both the employer and the employees.

But the most significant difference is our experience and independence, and the plans that allows us to design for our clients. Rather than allowing clients to choose from a range of options that involve a single fund manager, as many other firms do, we can lean into the market and build a customized plan based on the needs of each company and their employees.  

Retirement Plan Advisor Eric Kaleta explained, “I’ve had a lot of experience on the wholesale side, and that allows me to bring the best practices learned with large employers to small and medium-sized businesses.”  That depth of understanding translates into smart recommendations and earns trust from the business owners we work with every day.

Contact Us Today

As financial advisors and life insurance sales professionals, Lindberg & Ripple plays a key role in guiding business owners towards making informed decisions about employee benefits. If you’re a business owner considering a new retirement plan for your employees, we encourage you to discuss this further with your advisor, and with the specialists we have on tap.

Together, we can help businesses not only to offer a valued benefit to their employees but also to enhance their own operational success through improved employee satisfaction and retention.

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