We define wealth management as Investment Consulting combined with Advanced Planning and Relationship Management

Our approach begins with a comprehensive financial plan that helps us and you to understand what will be needed to accomplish short and long term goals.  Using this targeted return, we build an asset allocation strategy designed with a reasonable amount of risk

Since we don’t run model portfolios, we work with you to build an investment policy statement that will help decide if your portfolios should be active or passive, use individual issues or funds, and the best allocation of assets designed to achieve the necessary after tax rates of return.

We monitor your entire portfolio, regardless of where the accounts are custodied, to help insure that your family’s complete investment allocation doesn’t stray from the targets laid out in the investment policy statement.

Investment Consulting

Creating a financial model that analyzes income, expenses, assets and liabilities, both now and in the future to assess your likelihood of accomplishing your lifelong goals and objectives.

Establish an appropriate target rate of return relative to achieving your objectives.

Developing an investment policy statement that defines an asset allocation that can achieve the target rate of return with an appropriate level of risk.

Identify appropriate investments and managers to fulfill the asset allocation mandate.

Advanced Planning

Wealth Enhancement aims to enhance your investment returns by focusing on after-tax family returns. The objective is to use asset location and tax-deferred financial products that enhance your net return.

Wealth Transfer intends to find and facilitate the most tax-efficient way to pass assets to succeeding generations and charitable institutions to maximize wealth transferred in a manner that is consistent with our client’s objectives.

Wealth Protection through an understanding of risk and appropriate transfer of risk to third parties.

Charitable Planning helps fulfill your charitable goals. It is most effective when coordinated with the three services above.

Relationship Management

Working with your advisory team to bring depth of experience and explore all planning opportunities as well as our network of national experts.

Functioning as your personal CFO to help make smart intelligent choices about your wealth.