We represent clients and their advisors in designing, implementing, and managing institutionally-priced insurance products.  Lindberg & Ripple is committed to delivering the optimal value and the best possible experience for our clients. We judge success by how much we help our clients, not if the work results in a profitable transaction.

Commitment to independence coupled with membership in M Financial

We are independent of any producer or product, leaving us unencumbered by bias to find the optimal product and carrier for each client.

M Financial firms exclusively represent ultra-affluent families and large corporations. This has allowed M to create niche life insurance products with embedded “institutional pricing” that in general is superior to “retail” pricing from the same insurance carriers


We are proud of the fact that our current partners are the third generation of ownership of Lindberg & Ripple.

Life insurance policies acquired as a component to an estate plan or an executive benefit plan are typically designed to last multiple decades. We remain firmly committed to servicing your policies for generations – ours and yours – as needed.

Large case underwriting acumen

Acquiring significant amounts of life insurance is complex and requires experience that differs from placing smaller amounts.

Lindberg & Ripple has a long history of expertise in not only medical but financial underwriting that is unique to large death benefit amounts.

We are adept at working with multiple carriers to diversify your options, and create an “auction environment” in the underwriting process to produce the best possible offers, translating to optimally priced products.